Weight-loss hindrances

Stress: It’s the feeling that arises when an external or internal trigger causes the release of nor-epinephrine or adrenaline from the adrenal glands. That’s right, the body’s response to stress is a hormonal one. Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your entire hormonal system, leading to poor sleep, poor eating habits, negative thinking, anxiety, weight gain and stored belly fat, and shorter life-span. It can lead to the exhaustion of your adrenal glands.

You’ve probably read a lot about it. Cortisol level is a much discussed topic but can be confusing you on what to do and not! I get particularly disturbed when people advise me not to run anymore, because it’s physical stress and can raise cortisol levels. However physical exercise is good stress AKA “Eustress.” And the cortisol released because of exercise will keep me going and be utilised and detoxed through my sweat. Not stored.

If all the information out there on social media is confusing, don’t stress yourself out! Stress management is one of the most important aspects that we will cover together in our health coaching sessions, by taking an in-depth review of the triggers in your life. It could be the leading cause of your weight-gain.

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Sonia Salim.

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Is there such a thing as super-food?

Dear Reader,
You will have noticed that I haven’t put many pictures of fruit and vegetables on my website. Albeit: I’ve pictures up of delicious desserts and flamboyant, fancy coffee!

Depending on the occasion, they all are superfoods! Fruit and veggies, cake and coffee. Super food can be subjective.

Yes. Of course wellness and well-being are all about eating whole foods first. The primary sources of nutrition that are always superfoods are those grown in the sun, soil and on trees; that have been made with the help of birds, butterflies and bees.

If you sign-up for coaching sessions for any of of the problems mentioned on the mind-map, natural superfoods are what you will be eating.
No doubt.

However food is medicine. The poison is in the dose. And we are more than just a body. Coaching through a Being-Well lens means knowing when to have your cake guilt-free, because I know how hard it is to make switches in your diet when you eat for health’s sake. Giving up on your daily biscuit at tea time can be depressing. It weighs on your mental health. It can even lead to a tantrum.

If you learn not to gratify your desires instantly, and know the occasions of when you can have creamy, dreamy pudding, then temptations won’t govern your mind. Our sessions together will help train your mind to be patient by recognising your triggers and eat with intention to heal.

Make sense?
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Sonia Salim.